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Colin Howard, Chairman/CTO
Colin Howard has spent a lifetime in technology, starting with command of the first anti-tank guided missile platoon in the British Army. His experience ranged from mechanical engineering, early TTL logic (inventor of electronic gasoline dispensers and data capture systems (1969), he conducted the first online credit card transaction in1976) through establishing city dealing rooms (1984) into software (created first electronic stock broking system 1987). In 1990's created first business based ISP, sold to Level 3 (LVLT), co - founded Comdaq 1999, and Alternative Electronic Stock Exchange (2003). Consultant to UNCTAD on commodities exploitation (2007). He is considered to be an innovator and lateral thinker, a specialist in applying workflow principles to business solutions.
Tina Stevens, Director
Tina has a strong logistics background in Accounts, Administration and IT. She also has experience in Compliance within a Regulated Environment and is responsible for Due Diligence as well as other Back Office requirements within Comdaq. Tina has worked abroad for significant periods, taking in Europe, Asia and Australia – living in France, Germany, Spain, Hong Kong and Singapore.
Robin Shaw
Robin was head of trading at Sucres et Denrees, sugar traders based in Paris, from 1985 to 1992. He also spent 8 years as chairman and shareholder of CR Sugar Trading Limited, sugar traders based in London. He has 34 years' experience of the sugar trading market and was one of the founders of Comdaq.
Ronald Willemsen
Ronald started his career as a broker in edible nuts and dried fruits. After 3 years he moved into the agricommodities sector and was a trader in a range of physical commodities.1989 saw Ronald move into the brokerage side of the business where his success enabled him to become a founding partner of his own brokerage operation. Ronald was a partner in Procom, which merged its operations with Comdaq in October 2000.
Jan van Gameren
Jan started worked for 5 years with Codrico BV, a maize miller in Rotterdam, before moving to Jos van den Dries and Co BV. After 5 years he moved into the brokerage side of the business – initially as a partner with Mostert Soypro, and subsequently as a partner in Procom.
Aart de Bruijn
Aart began his career in 1966 with Andre et Cie in Lausanne and subsequently moved to Bunge/ADM where he was a trader in Hamburg, Paris and Antwerp. In 1983 he became head of the grains and soya-trading department for Nidera, a role that he fulfilled until he left the company in 1997. He joined the Procom group as a partner, founding Procom Grains and Freight.
Bob Sowton
Bob has been involved with technology in a wide range of applications since 1979. He has significant project management, software development and infrastructure implementation experience gained in a number of directorship and project management roles. He joined Comdaq in 1999 and is responsible for technical architecture.
Frederick's is a charity founded by Paul Barry-Walsh (see press article dated August 2nd.) which is an investor in Comdaq. We are proud to be associated with the aims of the charity, which are outlined in the article, but essentially they are to help disadvantaged people to get back into employment.
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