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Welcome to, the Internet based Exchange for trading in physical commodities.

We provide a range of Industry support tools, from an Exchange function, a quotes and execution system, through specialist auctions and tenders, including provisions for Broker involvement.

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In addition we support quality and location swaps (for our metals exchange), and a full logistics connection chain, leading to settlement.

The commodities, for which we currently have exchanges for, are Coffee, Cocoa, Sugar, Polyester, Nylon, Precious Metals and Platinum Group Metals, Grains, Meals, and Soya.

The flow in each of these exchanges follows the logical pattern that a trader or broker would instantly recognize and is always supported by on screen instructions for further ease of use.

To view a complete Online Demo, please click here

  • All our sites are accessed through a secure log in, authorised by a controlled database
  • Our sites are designed to load the page as quickly as possible on a poor connection
  • We use dynamic HTML and XML techniques employed to calculate algorithms without reference to the server
  • Our Sites operate interactively with both remote and local databases, not a static bulletin board
  • We have links to and from logistics providers, Interfaces to ERP systems etc.
  • Private trading exchange options
  • Branded tender pages
  • Hosted options for other market operators
  • Secure ASP provider

Our System Flow

  • A company is given authorization to trade on our system only after approval by Comdaq.
  • Counter party preferences wherein a trader selects the companies his company would want to trade with, create communities that agree to deal with each other.
  • Also, not only can traders create their own community, but also create a 'closed group' of recipients for individual enquiries or offers. 
  • All entries (orders put) have a 2 key function, meaning that the trader is given a detailed preview of an order before submitting it, to stop potential errors./li>
  • While viewing the list of orders, a trader can easily identify which orders he can or cannot trade on and which orders are under negotiation with the help of colors indicating the status of each order
  • A trader can edit his live and expired orders
  • A trader can have an instant identification of changes on negotiation screens. During negotiation, a trader has the option to stop or book (accept an order) at any time)
  • If, at any time, another party accepts part of an order or accepts the complete order, the other counter parties to the order are warned that the quantity that is being traded has changed 
  • Clear comparative views to select from multiple orders
  • Comprehensive messaging, both to PC, email and SMS.
  • When a contract is made, counterparties are revealed and automatic emails are sent to the Responsible Person.

Logistics Support are increasingly providing the Comdaq Execution System (CES) to manage the logistics chain, with the following facilities currently enabled

  • A daily report on progress of Cargo Preparation and Loading
  • On line contract status, accessible to all contract parties
  • A record of contractual notices, such as Nominations
  • Email of instructing data to service providers, such as Insurers
  • The maintenance of a record of closed contracts
  • Automated reminders for critical actions
  • Off line prompts can be received by email or SMS
For enquiries concerning any element of our software capability, please contact us at
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